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This has been the best oral experience I've ever had. Dr. Pepper is a very personable and professional dentist. It's almost as if you were going to see an old friend as opposed to your dentist. Entire staff goes above and beyond to ensure your needs are met. Great pay options and flexibility in scheduling as well. You will not be disappointed with your new smile or the process. Best dentist in Charlotte County.

- Marie B.


As I conclude my Invisalign procedure for the past 2+ years at Charlotte Advanced Orthodontics, allow me to share my experience. Going to an Orthodontics in general, does not sound like a "good time" and especially if you are middle aged. Well Dr. Pepper, the minute you meet her, squashes any thought that the experience and environment is not going to be just that a "good time". Her enthusiasm, her passion, her engaging with the patient and her desire for perfection was so obvious not only with Dr. Pepper but with her team. Everyone at this office has similar qualities of Dr. Pepper, but I know from my previous Leadership roles, it starts with a great leader to instill certain qualities in others. Toward the end of my treatment, when you thought we were going to hear, we are done, Dr. Pepper would say, "I want to adjust this area a little more" she calls it "being greedy" and I call it being a perfectionist and thoroughly enjoying what she does as a professional. Thank you, Dr. Pepper and Team, for making my visits over the past 2+ years a "First Class" Experience!!

- Ron P.


Dr. Pepper is the best of the best. She is fantastic at what she does. She treats you like family and her staff does to. She is so sweet and really cares. I have always hated my smile and today the braces came off and it brought tears to my eyes to see teeth that I didn't think was possible. Thank you, Dr. Pepper for everything and your amazing staff. So if you are reading this and think you're too old for braces. You are not. She can give you the smile you always wanted.

- Melissa J.


Love Dr. Pepper and her entire staff!! You always feel welcome, and your care is very important to them all. I have been wearing the Invisalign braces since April 2019 and just had the attachments removed today because I've completed my treatment. My teeth look and feel amazing! Best experience! If anyone is considering Invisalign braces, Dr. Pepper is the orthodontist to see!

- Susan C.


My daughter is out of braces and has a BEAUTIFUL smile!!! I cannot tell you how much Dr. Pepper cares. She is lovely, inside and out. Always smiling and ultra-competent. If you want the best orthodontic care in Florida, this is the office for you. Thank you, Dr. Pepper! Lacey looks beautiful. We love you guys!

- Lindsey BK.


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